Link Dowlnload Alight Motion Versi 4.0.4 No Watermark

AM Version 4.0.4 Mod Apk- Are you people who have a hobby in the field of video editing? If yes. Now we ourselves will recommend that there is one of the latest video editing applications which is now very popular and most widely used by videographers to animators. You can even use this one application through a smartphone device that can be easily carried anywhere.

The application is Alight Motion Mod or AM mod Apk which is a modified version of the video editing apk equipped with various types of premium features for free. Of course by using this apk you can easily produce video quality that is much better than before like a professional videographer.

Now. to get this application, it is also very easy for the Original version itself, you only need to download it through official platforms such as the PlayStore and the free App Store. However, for the Mod version itself, you need to download the file via certain websites only. Or please for those who can’t wait to download the Alight Motion V4.0.4 Mod Apk file via the following link.

About Alight Motion V4.0.4

Alight Motion Pro is a software that currently can only be used by Android devices which serves to perform the video editing process. There are so many features and advantages that you can take advantage of through this one software. Which is where you can easily do editing such as motion, improve animation, change color types, and more.

Well, as you know that features and capabilities like that can often only be used by some of the more popular editing software that is on devices such as PCs, laptops, to computers. However, now you can easily enjoy all these features only with a smartphone device.

Moreover, the size of the storage file that you can use is only 14MB. Of course it won’t take up much of your smartphone’s storage memory. In addition, you can now enjoy the AM Pro apk itself on an iPad. Also equipped with the ability to export files via MP4 to GIF formats.


AM 4.0.4 Mod Apk Features

Like other modified versions of applications and games, the most important thing for you to pay attention to is the features supported by the application. Well, for that, please, for those who are interested in using the latest AM pro Mod, you can see and consider first some of the following premium features.

No Watermark

As we already know, that when using the Original version of the AM apk there is still a watermark or watermark that is positioned under the right corner of the video. However, now with the presence of the MOD version of the AM apk, you will never see a watermark or watermark in your video editing results. So that the video results will be cooler and good to see.

No Ads

In addition to the watermark feature, you can also enjoy the AM apk without any disturbance. It’s like an ad that usually appears suddenly, which can disturb the concentration of its users. Of course, with this feature, the AM apk rarely experiences lag problems and is light to use.

Keyframe Animation

You need to know that for now there are not many editing apks that provide cool Keyframe Animation features. Well, this cool feature has a function that can easily give a lot of static effects to the resulting image so that it can be clearer and pleasing to the eye.

Not only that, with this feature you can also easily make video editing according to your own wishes. Even these advanced features can be easily and lightly to run on a smartphone device.

More Complete Video Formats

Another advantage that you can already enjoy is the availability of a wide selection of video formats that are far more complete than the previous version. Of course, you can easily create formats such as GIF, PNG through this apk, supported by a choice of MP4, 3GP, and MPEG video formats.

Well, when you proceed to the video session that has been exported, the results will be the greater the resolution, the larger the file size you will get. Therefore, the file size will depend on the resolution of the previously created video.

Many Options Available

When you use the Original AM version, there are still many features that are still very limited and when you want to use a lot of these effects you need to subscribe first by paying money via topup.

Well, now with the presence of the Mod version of AM which already has a large selection of effects that you can use for free without any limitations. So that when doing the editing process can produce videos